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Let’s start with busting a myth.

People always make arbitrary dates for starting anew. Things like new year resolution, turning the big 3–0, spring clean, even Mondays.

The truth is that these resolutions usually don’t last, and worse, it gives us excuses to be the ‘old self’ for the last few days/months/years.

I am 32.239 years old today, if I want to start something new, when’s the best time? After Christmas? when I become 32.24 years old?

The answer is, you probably guessed it, is now.

So let me stop you right here if you think you will wait twenty more days to start your big plan. Nope, we aren’t waiting till 2022 comes.

How long > When.

The measurement of success, is usually how long can we do the same thing well. Writer Malcolm Gladwell has discussed in his book, Outlier, that most successful people succeeded not only because their IQ and luck are high, but also because on average, they put down around 10,000 hours to get their work done, and done well.

Taylor Swift is the queen of pop music because she’s been writing good songs for over 10 years. Even if we become successful quickly, a legend is the one that constantly performs well.

So when do you start doing it, that’s when the time starts to count.

This is why I started this newsletter today.

…because of endurance! I am seeing this as a long game, at least 10 years to build a community. I am confident we will be a tight network because I took a hard look at my past.

When I was still working long hours as an employee, I was still constantly writing no matter how tired I was. Every Sunday, I wrote a blog for my Chinese readers. 10 years later (probably 10,000 hours later), I have 2000+ fans on my Facebook page and I have published a collection of my essay in paperbacks, an actual book!

When I switched to publishing in English (a story for another time), I knew it’d take a while too. I spent a year writing on Medium and turned out people like it even with my funny grammar.

I love blogging and being close to readers. I don’t believe that words are dead or we need to move to Tiktok. My words’ enough, your readership is enough for me.

Take a hard look at your past

I told you why this newsletter is part of my success vision. And now it’s your turn. I invite you to start your journey to success today, with me.

It’s an eight-week journey to make sure your vision board is not full of unrealistic rubbish that you don’t truly want. We will start with this topic:

Your success is based on your past

Really? That’s not what most people say, they talk about looking forward and the power of now. In a way, they aren’t wrong, but we are who we are today based on the actions and experiences of our past. So we must take a hard look at it, to know who we really are, and what we really can achieve.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want to have more time and resources to do?
  • Which part do you want to reduce or even eliminate?

We always thought making changes meant starting from scratch. Not really, starting with a blank canvas is scary and a lot of effort. We will be more prone to giving up halfway.

I might be starting a new newsletter right now but what I really am doing is to write, which I have been doing with passion since I was 10 years old.

There are other questions too, but we will explore more about ourselves and aim to build our vision boards in week 8, and you can start doing this anytime you want because now is the best time.

Feel free to grab a notebook and write down some answers to the above question throughout the week as you observe your current life.

And tell me what you think! This is my email & Twitter!

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Hong Kong-born multi-cultural spirituality writer who weaves philosophical concepts into short, engaging stories. Newsletter Sign-up!

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Midori by the Sea

Hong Kong-born multi-cultural spirituality writer who weaves philosophical concepts into short, engaging stories. Newsletter Sign-up!

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