How to use this unexpected facial feature to enhance our sex life

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There are only a few organs that are prominent and can move freely around someone else's body. The fingers and the penis are the obvious ones, but I wouldn’t recommend running the penis all over someone’s body, it doesn’t seem very elegant (tell me if you think otherwise).

Recently I…

Exploring different places and forces for the best sex

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Having sex is sometimes like asking a Chinese chef to make rice — it’s so basic that it is tricky to get it right.

Or Italian chef making cocio e pepe, Turkish people making Aryan, you name it.

Having sex is like eating food, it’s natural, innate and it can…

Use this mantra: We have something to look forward to after

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Many years ago someone jumped off from the office building opposite mine on an ordinary autumn evening.

He died.

It was understood that the person might have certain addiction problems and didn’t know what to do with it apart from taking their life away. …

Five budget-friendly tips to make life warm and cozy now

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Yes, I am taking on a whole country with a deep-seated cozy culture here. So much that they have a word about it, hygge, that’s not translatable to English.

But I’m no ordinary person, I am a Chinese person living in Europe. …

From almost suicidal to almost enlightened

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My mum was trying to explain what anthropology was over Zoom to me, an anthropologist.

I told her this was “mansplaining’, but she wouldn’t have it.

“I have life experience that can’t be replaced by books, and anthropologists study people’s life experiences.”

It’s true, for humanities matters, like life wisdom…

In a nutshell: line, bound, branch

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It’s been two years since I last took the London Tube at eight in the morning. Pretty bonkers, we are really returning to normal.

The underground air still smells stuffy, but it can also be the facemask I’m wearing. As people start flooding into the limited space of the Northern…

Think twice before you buy Kylie Jenner’s new swim line, for example

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The Chinese have one and only one standard of beauty: skinny and fair skin. And Damn it I am Chinese and I have an hourglass body and olive skin that white people envy.

Two years ago, my Spanish friend was shocked to know I’ve never worn a bikini despite the…

Sex Needs to be Redefined as an Enjoyable Experience for All

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It’s not like I wanted to be a sex anthropologist.

It just happened that I was there at the right time for the right group of people: An Asian church community in England, confronted by the sexualised culture in the west and the Eastern prohibition to talk about sex.


Why erotica is so important and brilliant

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I was wondering whether the latest exhibition “Tokyo: Art & Photography” curated by the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford would feature any sexy Japanese women in it.

The answer is yes, delightfully.

Japan and erotica are inseparable. Ginza, the fanciest entertainment district in Tokyo, has a rich history of sexual entertainment…

It’s like cheat days

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For a person who couldn’t even enjoy her own university graduation ceremony a few years ago, being able to feel accomplished for small achievements like getting over 550 followers on Medium sounded ridiculous.

Are you like me, who has overlooked every single bit of achievements you have made in your…

Midori by the Sea

Chinese in England. Talks about sexuality, female empowerment and enlightenment. Go deep enough in our self-help journey we will be spiritually awakened.

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